Chatak Issuance

Chatak Digital Issuance is a simple yet robust, scalable, flexible prepaid card issuance and processing solution for the global market. The solution supports multi-bank, partner capability which enables a service provider to on-board multiple partners be it Financial Institutions, Corporates, Retailers and service them.

Chatak Issuance Card management solution supports virtual account management capability where customers can hold multiple accounts, have multiple cards linked to their accounts. The platform empowers the consumer to transact on their accounts with or without their cards at online portals, Merchant acceptance locations, ATM’s and their mobile phones.

The solution provides advanced account program management facilities allowing the stakeholders to define amount limits, count wise for the various transactions supported and enforced in real time.

Fees being the revenue generator for any business in the financial service industry, it is key that any solution allows the service provider to configure and levy fees for any transaction scenario. Chatak Issuance gives this flexibility. The program managers can define the fees that can be levied for each transaction that can be performed in the system and also based on the transaction result.

A key to the growth of Issuance business is to have distributed Agents, Reseller network that would on-board the end customers. Chatak Issuance comes with a rich set of API which allows the Agent, Reseller to integrate with it and provide last mile account funding capabilities.

Chatak Issuance’s Transaction Processing Engine, is modular, scalable, multi-threaded and built for high performance with capabilities to process transactions originating from POS, Online Shopping Portals, ATM, IVR, MOTO, Mobile Wallet among other channels. The transaction messages format supported are ISO 8583, XML and JSON.

With its open architecture, use technologies, external tools such as reporting, CRM, risk and fraud management tools can easily interface with Chatak Issuance to provide the Program Manager flexibility in viewing, getting alerted and taking action on the information.

Chatak Mobile, a Smart Phone tool, is available for the Customer Cardholder for them to view their account information, transaction history, transfer funds, operate their account conveniently and directly anytime from their phones.

Chatak Issuance is PA-DSS compliant uses industry standard security implementation for external partner integration.

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