Chatak Acquirer Platform

Retail payment undergoing changes at a break neck speed with the consumers and the merchants driving business, the need of the hour is to have Acquiring solution that not only keeps up with new channels of accepting retail payment transactions but also be able to process transactions originating from traditional PoS, MPOS and ATM channels.

Chatak Acquiring Payment Gateway provides a feature rich, flexible scalable option to merchants, banks, service providers for effective capture and processing of transactions from multiple channels keeping in mind the merchants and the consumers.

Chatak PG can be used by Services Providers and Acquirers for processing -

  • Card transactions from Online Merchant
  • Card transaction originating from POS – Magstripe, PIN and EMV
  • Transactions originating directly from the consumers mobile devices
  • Transactions originating from Mobile POS solutions
  • Transactions originating from third party applications which require payment processing
  • IVR and MOTO transactions

Chatak PG has interfaces that supports processing transactions received from the channels in XML, JSON and ISO 8583 formats. The interfaces component has built in supporting multiple threading and configuration system to connect with multiple processor for acquiring transactions.

Chatak PG is fully EMV ready and can process chip card transactions.

Chatak PG is a multi-tenant solution that allows Service Providers to acquire transactions on behalf of multiple banks and acquirers to make it a cost effective solution that they can offer as a service.

Other key features that Chatak PG provides -

  • Transactional support – Sale, Auth, Refund, Reversal, Batch Settlement, Reconciliation
  • Acceptance of all standard payment scheme card types
  • Tokenization so as not to store any customer sensitive information
  • Multiple connectors- upstream processing through many processors
  • ONUS routing
  • Hotlisting file
  • Merchant and Terminal Management
  • Fee and Commission Management
  • Merchant Payout
  • Reconciliation with various entities etc

Chatak PG can be implemented in various models by the stakeholders to address and ramp up based on the growing and ever changing market requirements.

Chatak PG is available through our exclusive resellers and implementation partner globally.

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